Dimi Bike

About the Client

Dimi Bike is a leading online retailer of sporting goods and outdoor gear. It is part of the international chain of sporting goods stores DimiSport, operating on the sporting goods markets in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Romania. Dimi Bike only sells products of the highest certified quality, produced by reputable international brands – bicycles and cycling accessories, reliable outdoor gear – backpacks, apparel and footwear, tents and camping equipment, fitness equipment. The physical store is located in the town of Ruse and also provide professional bicycle servicing.

About the Project

The www.dimibike.de online store is characterized by:

  • online shopping experience in 3 languages: Bulgarian, Romanian and German;
  • exceptionally smooth navigation, transforming the traditional shopping process from boring procedure into pleasant experience;
  • simplified software platform, which makes the discovery of the desired product and its consecutive purchase quick, easy and convenient;
  • multiple payment options, including Cash On Delivery and world’s most popular online payment system – PayPal.

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