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Web services by Weberest:


  • The Web Site does not hold ready-made packages for Web or Mobile applications or Internet Marketing. The quotes, issued after submitting the “Web site calculator” by the user are unique and determined only by the requirements and complexity of the submitted project.
  • The user commits to provide all the information and content, requested by Weberest, for the successful completion of the project in the predefined time frame.
  • The time periods for completion of the projects are approximative, i.e. a postponed deadline for delivery to the customer is not a reason for contract cancellation once the contract has become effective.
  • The Project – a website, online store and others, the entire source code and materials used remain property of Weberest until payment has been made in full by the Customer.
  • Customer is obliged to pay the price of the services in accordance with the size, means, and time frames, set up in the Contract.
  • Weberest is not responsible for any possible disputes between the website owner and his/her customers.
  • All web applications and software products, created by Weberest, are property of Weberest and can only be used with the express written consent of the owner.
  • Weberest does not carry responsibility in cases, where the customers try on their own, without the required training, to make changes to their project (website or online store).
  • The Customer cannot place any images, texts or any other material, violating the Constitution, Laws or Human rights in the respective country, on their websites, created by Weberest.
  • Weberest reserves the right to alter or delete materials, including these Terms, from this Web site at any time at its discretion.