Modules, Extras and Add-ons for easyEmall online stores

Check out all the modules and add-ons, available as extensions to your new online store. Their purpose is to make it even more useful and profitable.

1. Email Marketing – newsletter distribution system.

What does this module do? Email marketing is a communication system, enabling the distribution of email messages to large group of customers. It is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet and is an integral part every business’s online presence.

What can Email Marketing help you with: The Newsletter is the perfect way to stay connected to your customers and business partners since is delivers timely and valuable information. Also known as E-Newsletter, it is one of the many ways to communicate the important information you wish you customers knew. Some of the benefits of the Email Marketing include, but are not limited to:

  • Keep your prospects and partners informed about new products or services;
  • Establish relationship with prospects, interested in your business;
  • Build brand reputation and brand loyalty;
  • Keep track of customers’ interests through visits statistical data;
  • Makes marketing effortless – promo offers are being sent directly to the prospects;
  • Lowering marketing costs – you communicate directly with the target group;
  • It can contain information which facilitates purchase;
  • Keep your customer support expenses low through the dispatch of service/technical information and instructions;
  • Increases customers’ satisfaction;
  • Extends the contact with the customer after the purchase;

2. PayPal payments system.

paypal PayPal payments. With this payments system you’ll be able to receive payments (money transfers) from customers through your PayPal business account. Paypal in one of the world’s most safer and convenient method of online payments. Payment process is really simple – just an email address and password will get you through to checkout, which makes it preferred payment method among users, who like to shop online, saving their precious time. With a PayPal account one can shop at thousands of stores around the world in just a few easy clicks, making it suitable for multi-language, local or global online stores.

3. Bank transfer payment method.

Bank transfer payments is the preferred method of electronic funds transfer for large portion of online shoppers who does not like to use credit/debit cards or independent systems such as PayPal. Payment is made via bank transfer from customer’s bank account to the one, designated by you and shown prominently on the checkout page. The whole process is maximum simplified for utmost customer convenience.

4. Filter of orders.

This module is exclusively developed to enhance the functionality of e-stores. Its purpose is to arrange lists of orders (new or all) by the following attributes: order status, customer’s name and order date. This module is developed fr your convenience. It allows you, online store owners, to manage the entire sales process much easily and conveniently, without losing precious time in manual order arrangement.

5. Categories and Groups arrangement

This module enables you to change the order of display of Categories and Groups of products in your online shop. This will become available through the “Order of visualization” field, which will be added on the Category or Group editing page. This extension aims at making your site’s navigation as quick and intuitive as possible, preventing users from wasting time browsing needless menus and sub-menus. Purchase process must be ultimately easy and convenient – the ideal scenario is when your customer reaches the desired product in 2 to 3 mouse clicks.

6. Products „In stock“, „Pre-order“ or „Out of stock“

This module allows you, with the use of radio buttons placed on the product editing page in administrative panel, to change the availability status of a given product. It can take three values: „In stock“, „Out of stock“ and „Pre-order“. Again, the goal is to deliver the best possible user experience and build trust among you and your customers.

When the customer is aware from the very beginning what the current status of a product is, it allows him/her to assess his subsequent moves, which in turn speeds up the purchase and delivery process and, in turn – leads to an increase in overall consumer satisfaction.

7. Related products

This is or newest module, allowing you to group related products placed in different catalogs, categories and groups. All the products, grouped this way, will be visible on the product’s page, under the main content. This allows the visitor to see other products, belonging in these groups, spending more time on your online shop and subsequently spending more money on products. This is a win-win situation – you get an increased turnover while the customer gets more quality products.

8. Calculate shipping cost by product weight

This module enables you to display the Shipping cost in advance, since it will be calculated together with the product price. The parameters, involved in the cost calculation, will be “Weight of the products” (in grams) and “Delivery value” (in currency units). A field called “Weight” (in grams) will be added on the Product edit page, thus enabling the system to automatically calculate the shipping cost based on the weight of the products in the shopping cart.

9. Promo codes


  • Unlimited number of dealers
  • Unlimited number of promo codes
  • One time promo codes
  • Reusable promo codes
  • History of the promo codes

This is our latest module, enabling you to distribute “Promo codes” as part of your marketing strategy. The codes can be used as discount codes on your online store.
You can send the codes ether by email, straight to the users in your targeted group, distributed to your promo dealers or via any distribution channel that suit your marketing goals.
The promo codes can be used one-time or multiple times, depending on your needs, and the best part is that in your administrative panel you get detailed information on which users do use specific code and how many purchases have been made with it.

“easyEmall” offers a lot more ways for customization and improvement of each online store, built with the platform. If you want to learn more about them, get your free consultation today!