Main Stages of Website Development

Each new project is unique but in general the web design workflow at Weberest follow some basic steps.


The partnership between our web design studio and you starts out with discussion about your business, the gals that must be achieved, the challenges that should be overcome. The main concept, color schemes and any additional requirement are set. Two-way communication process is the leading factor for each project’s success, that’s why we keep it live from the very beginning – the first phone call, till the end of the project, when the time comes to celebrate the job well done and enjoy the success achieved.



Prior the beginning of the actual work on the project is the time for a comprehensive research. Our team gathers to determine who are your main competitors and what are their market positions, as well as the possible ways to get ahead of them. We explore untapped niches to increase your revenues, look through the most successful products, similar to yours, on local and global scale.


It all starts with creative planning of the website structure – how the information will be allocated – in menus, groups, categories. We decide about the navigation – how the user will reach the desired information most effortlessly. Then we choose the techniques, which will be most suitable for the development process, select the hosting service provider, buy your domain, set up the time frame and roll up our sleeves for the serious work.

Development Process

At this stage the programmers join the process. The graphic elements are being embedded into code, different effects and actions are added, the position of the modules is being determined. Extra functionalities are being incorporated, the code is being optimized to maximize the utility of the site. Basic SEO is being conducted.

Website Launch

After a short training process about working with your site and your final approval, the long anticipated moment arrives – the launch of your new, masterfully crafted website on the Internet. This is the moment to open the bottle of champagne.


This is where the magic happens. At this stage all the planning and research begin to take shape. Our designers unleash their creative imagination – the design of the homepage is created, as well as the internal pages, image galleries, catalogs, etc. You can be sure that the design will be fully aligned with your requirements and with the latest webdesign trends.


The website is being tested for compliance with every single internet browser. Tests are run ti check the visualization of the site on different devices – laptops, tablets, smartphones, as well as on different versions of their operating systems. All features of the site are tested, its modules and add-ons, to reassure that everything is working correctly.

Maintenance, SEO and Google Advertising

Even after the champagne our work is never done. We can provide you with website maintenance, SEO and Google advertising long after the project of development is completed. Read more on these services on the specified pages – here, here and here.
Now that you’ve learned more about the work process at Weberest, take the first step towards success.